DCCOSX.EXE delphi跨OSX平台编译器揭秘

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文件后缀名                                                            描述
none                                                          Cross compiled executable file for the Mac
.dcu                                                              Delphi cross compiled unit file
No list file will be delivered                            Listing file
.o                                                           Object file (.obj for Windows)


 DCCOSX.EXE 跨平台编译器不支持PE头设置,在windows上得Dcc32.exe这一点是支持的。

Pe头设置是指 在(in the Project > Options > Delphi Compiler > Linking dialog box)包括下面的标志和设置:

  • peflags:<flags>
  • peoptflags:<flags
  • peosversion:<major>.<minor>

Anther DCC32 command line option not supported by DCCOSX is:


-K<addr> = Set image base addr

这个Delphi编译器现在已经忽略了 {$STRINGCHECKS}指令,所以这个指令已经没有在命令行中被用到:





Embarcadero Delphi for Mac OS X compiler version 23.0
Copyright (c) 1983,2011 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.

Syntax: dccosx [options] filename [options]

  -A<unit>=<alias> = Set unit alias
  -B = Build all units            
  -CC = Console target            
  -CG = GUI target                
  -D<syms> = Define conditionals  
  -E<path> = executable/library output directory
  -F<offset> = Find error         
  -GD = Detailed map file         
  -GP = Map file with publics     
  -GS = Map file with segments    
  -H = Output hint messages       
  -I<paths> = Include directories 
  -J = Generate .o file           
  -JPHNE = Generate C++ .o file, .hpp file, in namespace, export all
  -JL = Generate package .a .bpi, and all .hpp files for C++
  -LE<path> = package bpl*.so output directory
  -LN<path> = package .dcp output directory
  -LU<package> = Use package      
  -M = Make modified units        
  -N0<path> = unit .dcu/.dpu output directory
  -NH<path> = unit .hpp output directory
  -NO<path> = unit .o/.pic.o output directory
  -NB<path> = unit .bpi output directory
  -NS<namespaces> = Namespace search path
  -O<paths> = Object directories  
  -P = Generate PIC code (.dpu)   
  -Q = Quiet compile              
  -R<paths> = Resource directories
  -U<paths> = Unit directories    
  -V = Debug information in EXE   
  -VR = Generate remote debug (RSM)
  -W[+|-|^][warn_id] = Output warning messages
  -Z = Output 'never build' DCPs  
  -$<dir> = Compiler directive    
  --help = Show this help screen  
  --version = Show name and version
  --codepage:<cp> = specify source file encoding
  --default-namespace:<namespace> = set namespace
  --depends = output unit dependency information
  --doc = output XML documentation
  --drc = output resource string .drc file
  --no-config = do not load default dccosx.cfg file
  --description:<string> = set executable description
  --inline:{on|off|auto} = function inlining control
Compiler switches: -$<letter><state> (defaults are shown below)
  A8  Aligned record fields        
  B-  Full boolean Evaluation      
  C+  Evaluate assertions at runtime
  D+  Debug information            
  G+  Use imported data references 
  H+  Use long strings by default  
  I+  I/O checking                 
  J-  Writeable structured consts  
  L+  Local debug symbols          
  M-  Runtime type info            
  O+  Optimization                 
  P+  Open string params           
  Q-  Integer overflow checking    
  R-  Range checking               
  T-  Typed @ operator             
  V+  Strict var-strings           
  W-  Generate stack frames        
  X+  Extended syntax              
  Y+  Symbol reference info        
  Z1  Minimum size of enum types   
Resource reserve size: -$M<resourceReserveSize> (default 1048576)

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